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Visualization of sensations in tea 


A.C. Perchs Thehandel

As part of creating a new visual identity for the Danish teashop A.C. Perchs, an effort was made to better express what is usually lost online - the sense of aroma and taste. The proposal offers a new way of visually communicating tea flavour, bridging the physical and digital shopping experience.


Brand identity, Packaging design, Art direction



The Story

The ultimative goal of this project was to engage in new ways of communicating sensuous objects on digital platforms. The company took their tea shop online in 1998, resulting in an ever-growing online sale, which accounts for more than half of the turnover today. This project responds to this development and is an initiative designed to approach a growing online audience.

The Logo

A.C. Perchs Thehandel is a well-established Danish tea brand characterised by their catch phrase 'Quality and tradition since 1835'. The company being quaint and highly quality-oriented, this phrase sums up the values of the company. This is also reflected in the current logo through the centered layout with the serif font and year of establishment in a notable position . The new design has preserved this while renewing the font and reducing any redundant elements.

A new visual language

In order to better express tea flavour online, a new visual language was created. Each tea has its own organic DNA, which stems from macrofilms of milk, food colouring and dish soap by the artist Robert Kohlhuber.

Vertical Product Box Mockup-3 4.JPG
Color stimuli on shades of grey

A consistent element of the website design is the various shades of grey. This serves the purpose of establishing a visual hierarchy, leaving the radiant colors of the products in focus while also having the function of presenting the color values more accurately. 

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