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The Science Is In Our Nature




Brand Refresh, Design Principles



The goal was to refresh the brand identity of CANNASEN® while effectively communicating its brand values and the natural treatments' relieving and balancing properties. Reflecting the fusion of medical expertise with Scandinavian aesthetics, the design achieves a clean and uniform visual expression that captures the true essence of the CANNASEN® brand.
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About The Brand

CANNASEN® is a pioneering Danish brand combining science and nature with the purpose of developing products for a better everyday life.


By using modern technology to research and utilize different compounds found in the cannabis plant, CANNASEN® products offer efficient and safe treatment of autoimmune and stress-related disorders.

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Shaping A Design System

The initial approach to the project was to establish a new design system that is consistently applied across formats and platforms. This system aimed to create a recognisable and trustworthy visual identity for the CANNASEN® brand, ensuring reliability in its visual language.

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The Power of Visual Impact

Leveraging the newly established visual identity, the brand has effectively employed it in various marketing contexts, such as trade shows and industry events. 

The new visual identity has played a essential role in capturing attention and conveying CANNASEN®'s unique offerings. From booth displays to promotional materials, the brand's consistent visual language has helped create a memorable presence, effectively differentiating CANNASEN® from competitors and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

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