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Outdoor Training 101

Visual Identity, Art direction

Visual identity for Outdoor Training 101 proposing a silhouette and a signature color as recognisable elements in a redesign logo, as part of a an emerging digital existence.



The Training Philosophy

In our research we found that children's wellbeing are only investigated when they are relatives to the terminally ill or to those that have passed away. Interventions are therefore particularly targeted at children in grief, while homes with long-term chronic illness are overlooked. There seems to be a lack of tools and procedures for both hospital staff and affected homes when it comes to the communication with children where family members are chronically ill.


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sort og hvid.jpg
sort på hvid logo.png

Keeping It Abstract 

The stickers come in variant shapes and colours. They are abstract in order to stimulate open expression, keeping the child engaged and also to avoid leading the conversation in a predetermined direction. The purpose of the stickers is to support the child in communicating visually, as a means to express feelings that are difficult described verbally.

Creating a Safe Space

To facilitate the best space possible for constructive dialogue, we created the 'Adult Guide'. The guide supports the adult in managing the dialogue, making it a comfortable and safe experience for both child and adult.

Creating awareness

In order to make chronic ill patients, and potential parents, aware of the dialogue tool we created a small series of posters to be placed at Righospitalet. The posters re-fer to the website created in the name of 'Elefanten I Rummet'.  The website will in-form patients of the tool, our research and share the works of children as relatives. The website is also thought to be a platform of expansion for other kits designed for child-ren as relatives to parents struggling with different kinds of chronic illness.

b. 'Elefanten I Rummet' is mentioned in an article by Danish Kidney Association (Nyreforeningen)  and has been developed in collaboration with graphic designer; Silke Hoelgaard, Stella Sköld og Anne Marie Tarrasson Hove. 

As part of an exam project 'Elefanten I Rummet' is a fictional tool created at The Danish Royal Academy.

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